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In many ways, the music is held back like a deep breath, evoking ambient, spare styles like those of David Sylvian. Witchazel evokes pastoral themes, renaissance fairs, village fetes, and psychedelic freak-outs. All the songs were played just as I wanted them to be, causing overwhelming happiness inside me, and I managed to take some pics of them myself. As for Noble, he was engaged in a battle with a now terrified sound man, who was imploring the guitarist to vacate his perch atop the increasingly mobile stack-speakers. Drowning was followed by some of the most riveting eight minutes of my show-going life. Some of us did visit the church over the weekend. Having said that Yan's also struggling with something apparently stuck to the bottom of his sock which is clearly invisible to the rest of the world.

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This challenge to sit up and take notice is non-negotiable, just as Lord Kitchener's eyes follow the potential recruit from that famous poster, so BSP stare at their audience, challenging them to engage with the music.

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Q&A: British Sea Power's Scott Wilkinson

The basement of Virgin Megastore provides high-quality sound, much enhanced by Wood's increasingly skilled drumming. Hopefully, it will still be on the cards. That is, something mostly indefinable. Noble's guitar rang out over Woody's fantastic drumming, yet the acoustics were superbly balanced. Childhood Memories followed with Yan singing "Jesus, the weather was OK today" and then Favourswhich got the crowd moving again.

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Shirley Lee Winter Autumn Summer Spring Erstwhile Spearmint frontman, Shirley Lee released his second solo album this year as an ambitious double-disc set that reverses its way from the season of death into the season of rebirth as he relates a lifetime of seizing the moment. Read my review of Thunderclown here. All the action from the first night of the Rose of Tralee It's the first of the two-night televised I couldn't help thinking it seemed like a private party for the hardcore fans — but of course it wasn't about us. In the 9 issue of Upstreet: A friend posed this question to me several months ago when I introduced her to the album and of course I, having listened to On a Mission only marginally and also being very slow on my feet, responded that there might not be much difference at all.

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