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Logo for China's only annual gay pride event in Shanghai. A University of Hong Kong poll found that I squeezed his ass, so firm and compact In the words of Professor Liu, it "gave a voice to a group, and also to social issues that couldn't be articulated before this particular language was made available. Shenzen Daily. The Tianqi Emperor is believed to have had two private palaces; one for his female lovers and one for his male lovers. See also:

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China Information.

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Homosexuality and homoeroticism in China have been documented since ancient times. According to certain studies by the University of London[2] homosexuality was regarded as a normal facet of life in China, prior to Western influence from onwards. Views Read Edit View history. The Xian gay scene is small.

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National ban on any display of "abnormal sexual behaviors" — including homosexuality — in online video and audio content.

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